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Etsy from Zero: What actually works! Coaching Program

Etsy from Zero: What actually works! Coaching Program

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Etsy shouldn't be hard!

Hello there I'm Mara and I'm here to invite you to join our top-notch community where I personally will guide you through all the ups and downs of starting an Esty store so we can get you to do more of what you love SUCCESSFULLY! 

In the past couple of years, I have been studying the Etsy market, and I figured out from my own experience what works and what doesn't, I will unlock all the tips and tricks and what to do vs what to don't do so you can thrive on this market, taking all the noise out there and the trillion ideas about Esty in social media that won't take you anywhere.

My strategy is simple: Do more of what actually works and live for it!

It takes passion and dedication from you but with me by your side, I will save you the hustle of figuring out everything by yourself and give you instead a supportive community that will be rooting for you and celebrating your success all the way long.

It can be overwhelming I get it, but it shouldn't be, with the right tools and help we will change that 😉

A little bit about me and why I'm doing this 🧐

Etsy wasn't my first store, it was my 3rd option, I started on the "right way" with my own website from the very beginning (I will talk about the difference between doing both in my program) and I actually put a lot more effort, and still do, on my own website than on my Esty store.

I do everything trying to bring traffic to my own website, social media, FB events, Pinterest, Facebook groups, Instagram account, you name it, while on the other side:  Etsy, I only and solely rely on Esty's organic traffic, yes organic because I don't want all your profit to go on ads 😉 but still, I ended up making only a little bit over 3K on Shopify in 11 months it was opened of the year after 3 years running this store while on Etsy I was only open for 10 months (Because I took a whole month vacation) and still I made $16,312.64 without adding December that hasn't finished yet and it is usually the best month of the year 🤯

Mind-blowing right? I don't advertise my Etsy store anywhere, I just recently decided to add it at the bottom of my Instagram link tree, I don't pay tons of ads on Etsy either, because I figured out I want the money I make to stay with me 😊 

I actually have a net profit of $12,156.27 so far with most of the fees going to shipping labels and transactions plus Etsy fees, but for marketing only less than 5%.

How do I do all this? That is what I want to teach you so you can do it too! I'm passionate about teaching others and I absolutely love all the benefits that Etsy provides.


I created a FB private group for this coaching program you will have access instantly after your payment.

You will have the option to pay monthly for as little as a $5 fee or to pay annually and have access to this program for less than half a cup of coffee per month!

In the FB group, you will find videos and graphics supporting this idea so you can watch and learn at your own pace, I will be also doing weekly live videos to answer all your questions as well as giving you the chance to review your store so we can analyze it and give you tips to make improvements.

You will find tips and tricks all the way long, from your pictures to your descriptions, titles, and marketing strategy.

Why am I charging this little?

I get it my friends told me I can charge so much more for this program! 🤔 There are coaches out there charging from $40 to hundreds for this. But here was what I told my friends, when you are just starting your business (Like I was 2 years ago) and you aren't making tons of money, or any money at all, and only paying bills, it is so hard to add an extra penny to that negative list, I get it, I was there once too, and that is why I want to make your expenses as minimum as possible so you don't feel you are loosing anything and that you are winning a lot with this program.

I sincerely want to see you succeed I believe you can that is why I decided to make this program accessible as I could for newbies. Consider me from now on your bestie on business 🙌🏻❤

I can't wait to see you there!

With tons of love, Mara your Etsy coach.


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