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Shhh! Baby's Sleeping Sign

Shhh! Baby's Sleeping Sign

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A wooden sign to kindly alert your guest your baby is sleeping. This front door sign will let your guest know that you still have a life, but for now, you are busy with the precious bundle in your arms.

This baby sleeping door hanger is perfect for the new mom and when friends and family come over. It’s a cute way to let them know your baby is sleeping without you having to be there or explain why they can’t come in.

Available in two sizes: 4 inches & 6 inches. (if you need another size please reach out to us we are happy to help).

Also, a handy and useful gift for the new mom, if you would like to bundle it in a gift set for baby and mom please visit our store, if there is anything else you like we can build your own set.

Please note: This is a decorative item, not intended for the baby to use as a toy.
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